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The Indian Nuclear Society is a Registered professional body of nuclear scientists, engineers and technologists in India, with its headquarters at Mumbai and branches at Hyderabad, Kalpakkam, Rawatbhata, Mysore and Norora. It has more than 5,000 life members and 80 corporate members on its roll. The Society was inaugurated in January 1988 by late Shri J. R.D. Tata.
The Society aims to promote the advancement of nuclear science and the technology together with other sciences & arts and to aid in the integration of the several disciplines constituting Nuclear Science, Engineering and Technology. The Society also aims to create awareness amongst general public about the benefits of atomic energy to mankind.
The society has so far conducted twenty-five annual conferences, several seminars and special lectures. Under its public awareness Program, the INS and its branches has conducted several one-day seminars about nuclear energy and its applications. This activity mainly organized for students and faculty of academic institutions is conducted through lectures in English and regional languages by arranging visits to the nuclear power station and by organizing open sessions and exhibitions. The INS also regularly conducts technical workshop for industry.
To recognize outstanding contributions made by individuals and industries in the field of nuclear science and technology, the society has instituted annual INS awards since the year 2001.


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