Sr. No. Full Title Link
30 An Introduction to Advanced Ultra Super Critical Technology By Shri K Ravishankar YouTube Link
29 Civil Engineering Safety Review – Interface and Strategies By Dr. L R Bishnoi YouTube Link
28 Nuclear Waste Management in India: Strategies and Processes By Shri Biplob Paul YouTube Link
27 Role of BRIT in Production and Distribution of Radio Isotope based Products and Technologies: A Success Story By Shri Pradip Mukherjee YouTube Link
26 Evolving Appropriate Engg Strategies & Sustainable Design in Techno-Commercial & Societal framework – An Industry 5.0 Perspective By Dr. Kallol Roy YouTube Link
25 IPR Portfolio Management in the Context of R&D By Commodore Amit Rastogi YouTube Link
24 Harnessing Space Technology By Dr. A. S. Kiran Kumar YouTube Link
23 Overview of Solar Energy By Dr. Chandan Banerjee YouTube Link
22 Rare Earth Industry Evolution – Indian Prospective and Challenges By Dr. RN Patra YouTube Link
21 The indigenous development of the Advanced Ultra Supercritical (AUSC) Technology for thermal power generation in India By Mr. Neeraj Sinha YouTube Link
20 Radiation Technology for Sewage Sludge Hygienisation: Genesis and Development By Dr. Lalit Varshney YouTube Link
19 Nuclear Terrorism and Nuclear security – Challenges and Mitigation Measures By Dr. Manpreet Sethi YouTube Link
18 The Role of Nuclear Energy in meeting Net Zero Target by 2070 By Prof. Amit Garg YouTube Link
17 Milestones and Vision for Exploration of Atomic Minerals in India By Dr. D K Sinha YouTube Link
16 Uranium Ore mining & processing for energising the front end of Indian Nuclear Fuel Cycle By Dr. C.K. Asnani YouTube Link
15 SAGA OF HEAVY WATER BOARD By Shri Jitendra Srivastava YouTube Link
14 Nuclear Fuel Complex: A Centre for Development and Processing of Nuclear Fuels and Advanced Material for Nuclear and Strategic Applications By Dr. Dinesh Srivastava YouTube Link
13 The Science of Climate Change By Prof. J. Srinivasan YouTube Link
12 Deployable Technologies from Plasma Science: Present-day & Future By Dr. Shashank Chaturvedi YouTube Link
11 Role of Nuclear Power in India’s green energy transition: Challenges and Way Forward By Dr. R Srikanth YouTube Link
10 MATHEMATIC: Art that would rather be Science By Prof. M.S. Raghunathan YouTube Link
9 Advancements in Back-end of Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Indian Perspective By Dr CP Kaushik YouTube Link
8 Applications of Nuclear Radiations for Societal Welfare By Dr. Meera Venkatesh YouTube Link
7 CANCER IN INDIA By Dr. RA Badwe YouTube Link
6 The Accelerating Universe and its consequences By Prof. Sandip Trivedi YouTube Link
5 Glimpses into Application of Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation in NDE By Dr. B Venkatraman YouTube Link
2 Managing transition to a low-carbon electricity mix in India By Dr. RB Grover YouTube Link
1 Nuclear Energy in India in a carbon constrained world: The Role of Indian Nuclear Society By Dr. Anil Kakodkar YouTube Link

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